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Our Range

Our range changes seasonally, but on this page you'll find products that are usually available year round.

We use Belgian chocolate in all our items and can also make special requests in dairy-free chocolate, though these are usually made to order, so please give us as much warning as you can if the chocolate is needed by a specific date.

The chocolate is available in white, dark, milk, caramelised white and ruby.

We also have a range that we make specially to order; we prefer to have at least two weeks notice for any of these. Please click here to see what else we make
If you have any special requests please contact us to discuss.  We are willing to experiment!

Boxes of truffles
Handmade truffles

Our selection of truffles changes seasonally. To see the current range, please click here

Handmade chocolate bar
Chocolate bars

We make a variety of chocolate bars. To see our full range, please click here

Pony lolliops
Small Shetland Pony

These smaller ponies are also available as lollipops.
Approximately 25g

Large sheep
pair of sheep.png
Large Sheep

Shetland has more sheep than people!
This large, hollow sheep has chocolate drops inside and weighs approximately
140g  £12.50 

Small Sheep

We also have small, solid sheep in various chocolate combinations


Our hollow puffins are made of a number of chocolate pieces hand-painted and joined together. They are about 7 inches in height and weigh around 150g.

3d Shetland Pony
3d Shetland Pony

Shetland is famous for its ponies. Our hollow ponies are available in any of our chocolate range (including dairy-free, which is only made to order). These ponies weigh approximately 70g.  £7.50

Bags of Chocolate covered honeycomb chunks
Chocolate Coated Honeycomb

Chunks of honeycomb dipped in milk, dark or white chocolate (can also dip in carame if requested)
approximately 100g bags, £5.50

Shetland fiddles
Chocolate Fiddles

Solid chocolate or caramel filled fiddles. 3 per pack, £6.00 per pack

hot chocolate pouches
Hot Chocolate Pouches

Treat yourself to a luxury hot chocolate. These pouches of Belgian chocolate will make two mugs or three cups of hot chocolate drink - just add milk. Approximately 100g £4.00

hot chocolate bombs
Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot chocolate bombs with chocolate powder and marshmallows.  Drop the ball into a mug and pour hot milk on top to melt the chocolate and release the marshmallows £4.00 each. Milk, dark or white chocolate £4.50

Assorted Giant Buttons
giant chocolate buttons

Tasty, treat-size giant buttons, one each of dark, milk, ruby, white and caramel white chocolate.  We can also mix-and-match, or have dairy-free if you prefer, just email us to ask. Approximately 25g
£2.00 a pack of five

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