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Speciality Items

These items can be made in white, dark, milk, caramelised white or ruby chocolate, or dairy-free.

If possible, we prefer to have at least two weeks notice to make any of these, though we may be able to produce them more quickly.
If you have any special requests please contact us to discuss and for prices or more information.  We are willing to experiment!

High heeled chocolate shoe
Chocolate High Heeled Shoes

These high heels are available in three sizes and can be made in any chocolate.  They can be on their own or accompanied
by a selection of truffles.  

Two hot chocolate spheres
Couples Hot Chocolate Bombs

Pack of two hot chocolate bombs for an indulgent hot chocolate treat

Chocolate shoe
Chocolate car
Chocolate Car

Hollow chocolate car to celebrate passing a driving test or a new car, Can be coloured or plain chocolate. We can add a 'torn' L plate too.

chocolate teaspoons
Chocolate Teaspoon

Small, solid chocolate spoons. Can be stirred into hot milk to make a chocolate drink, or enjoyed as they are.

Indulgent Hot Chocolate Drinks
Hot chocolate drink

When we go to sales days or have a pop-up shop we someimes offer these indulgent hot-chocolate drinks made with real Belgian chocolate.  Available in dairy-free as well, these can be plain or topped with any combination of cream (also dairy free available) , chocolate curls and mini marshmallows

drinking chcocolate heart
Drinking Chocolate Heart 

Heart shape filled with marshmallows and chocolate powder to make a warm-hearted hot chocolate drink.  Just pop it in a cup and add hot milk.

Chocolate pyramid

Chocolate pyramid  for a 'smashing' time, (hammer not included) with any message and a selection of truffles inside

chocolate shoe
Men's Style Shoe

Decorated as you'd like and either with truffles or on their own

chocolate cows
Chocolate Cow

Hollow chocolate cow can be decorated as wished

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