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Our Truffles

We make a wide variety of truffle flavours wrapped in milk, dark, white, caramel or ruby chocolate. 
We try to use locally produced ingredients when possible and the selection varies by season.
If you have special dietary requirements we can also cater for that, with dairy-free, gluten-free or vegan options made to order.
Our truffles are available in boxes of 4, (£6.00), 6, (£8.00) 12, (£14.00) 18, (£20.00) and 24, (£26.00)

You can choose your favourite flavours, or have us choose a selection for you

chilli lime coconut.jpg
Strawberry cheesecake
Chilli, lime & Coconut

Strawberry cheesecake inspired filling wrapped in Belgian milk chocolate

A wee afterkick of chilli with this  Belgian white chocolate ball coated with toasted coconut

rgubrb and bramble.jpg
Shetland Rhubarb and Bramble Gin

Red dusted ruby chocolate surrounds a filling made with Sheltand Rhubarb and Bramble Gin

Dairy-free Raspberry and Marzipan

Raspberry and marzipan in dark chocolate

Lemon Meringue
Shetland Original Gin

Zingy lemon flavoured gooey marshmallow meringue ganache in white chocolate

Shetland Original Gin in milk chocolate

Highland Park Whisky with Orange and Shetland Honey 
1689111462106df coffee.jpg
Dairy-free Coffee

Coffee in dark chocolate

Dairy-free Ginger

Stem ginger covered in dark Belgian chocolate.

PB220380 2.jpg
Sticky Toffee Pudding

Caramel white chocolate covered, sticky toffee pudding inspired

1689111271000 white.jpg
Dairy-free shetland Mint

Shetland grown mint in dark chocolate

Shetland Rhubarb

Shetland grown rhubarb in a white chocolate shell

Whisky, orange and Shetland Honey combined in a dark chocolate shell topped with a flake of gold leaf 

Baileys Gem

Baileys in caramel chocolate


Millionaires Shortbread inspired flavour in carmale chocolate

Shetland Honey Fudge

Chunks of fudge flavoured with Shetland honey in a milk chocolate shell

Shetland Sea Salted Caramel

This seashell is made of dark chocolate

coffee cup.jpg
Coffee Cup

Coffee flavoured filling in dark chocoalte topped with white chocolate 'cream' and chocolate curls

Shetland Mint

Shetland grown mint in dark chocolate

Shetland Cherry

Shetland grown cherry wrapped in ruby chocolate

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